I decided to buy into this Lofter thingy.
However, I have NO IDEA what's going on.
I will continue to search for a "translate" button.
Until then, farewell.

Well, it is that time of night again. 
Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs kill you while you're unconcious. 

what the fuck:

1000 pizzas:

oh my gosh it's not even scary talking to people here i feel liBERATED

shame on display:

reproduce this if you've had the same url for 24 hours or more <3




just dont be mean to the chinese users and don't clog their tags and we'll be golden we can Coexist people

ring ring:

what the hell i havent even been on tumblr since i started this is this rehab


I love the recommend feature like
it's like I like the post enough to want to reblog it but I don't really want it on my blog u feel me